How to introduce employee wellbeing on a budget


Business owners understand the importance of providing great customer service and the rewards it can bring – but it’s equally as important to recognise that the same goes for employees.

If a workforce feels neglected, their motivation, productivity and loyalty will all suffer as a result. Unhappy employees will not perform as well as they could, and will, inevitability end up looking for work elsewhere because they do not feel compelled to remain loyal. A high staff turnover is expensive – time and money quickly runs away when recruiting and training new employees.

Re-think your working environment

Providing a stimulating work environment is one simple change you can make to improve employee wellbeing – with potentially huge results. Speak to each and every member of staff and ask them how they prefer to work e.g. own desk, hot-desking, meetings in breakout areas or social spaces. Creating new dedicated areas for different styles of working can be a cost-effective way of boosting productivity and employee happiness – even adding well-designed office planting schemes, hanging interesting artwork on the walls or simply decluttering, can go a long way towards creating a more positive working environment.

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Give your staff more freedom

By giving staff the freedom to choose how and where they work, be it from their laptop in the breakout area or at their designated desk space, you’ll be giving them more ownership over their contribution to the business.

Employees who feel trusted by their employer to deliver results, whichever way they feel works best for them, will want to take greater pride in their work and ultimately increase their loyalty and productivity.

Provide high quality hot and cold refreshments

An incredibly simple yet low-cost solution for employee wellbeing is providing them with high quality refreshment facilities. Everyone appreciates a good cup of coffee and by promoting a communal coffee drinking area you’ll be boosting social interactions across departments, improving teamwork and communication skills.

Many studies have proven that offering good quality coffee in the workplace can have positive effects on cognitive performance too – improving concentration, decision-making skills and overall attitude towards working.

With no outright purchase required, professional automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines are more manageable and affordable than you might think. From only £10 a week and with ingredients costing no more than 12p a cup, the perceived value to staff far exceeds the actual cost.

To find out how your business could boost employee wellbeing by providing exquisite tasting coffee in your office, contact us today.