Millennial coffee culture in the office


Studies have proven the many health benefits of drinking coffee, and in particular, the coffee culture has been found to have a huge impact on the engagement and overall happiness of millennial employees.

The fashion for drinking coffee has dramatically grown over the years among the millennial market, and this increase in coffee consumption is now evident in the office too – one study found that it had increased from 19% to 41% between 2008 and 2016.

Having quality refreshment options easily available at work is more important than ever to millennials, as they associate a good coffee culture with a creative, positive office environment that promotes employee wellbeing. Millennials want a ‘fun’ place to work, where they can thrive and feel valued by their employer – and providing good quality coffee is an easy step towards achieving this.

A report by Forbes revealed that across the world, businesses who invest in a better coffee culture have seen significant improvements in productivity and happiness of their millennial employees. The promotion of collaborative working and innovative shared work spaces, appear to go hand-in-hand with office coffee culture, as companies now realise the benefits of social engagement and teamwork for the success of their business.

“Office coffee services have traditionally been the worst of the worst and there’s been a lot of growth in companies recognising the need for a better coffee experience,” Jesse Kahn, the national sales manager for Counter Coffee Culture, told Forbes.

We are in the middle of a multi-decade shift in quality in the food and beverage sector. Millennials in particular bring this desire for quality to work, and companies are making changes to create a better coffee experience for their employees,” Kahn said.

Often what is holding employers back from making changes to improve their employee wellbeing is the perceived cost. But the fact is that many simple changes can be made on a budget to dramatically improve happiness in the workplace, such as a introducing a positive coffee culture. For more information, read our guide here.

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