Super Coffee – A New Healthy Coffee Trend?


The Super Coffee Trend

Yes, it really is a trend. In fact it’s one of Pinterest’s top 100 trends for 2018. Furthermore, there are super coffee companies popping up all over the world, and you can now buy it ready-made in bottles.

Still not ringing any bells? Don’t worry, we’ve got the low-down on all things super coffee, so you’ll sound like a veritable expert before the day is through.

What is Super Coffee?

Since you ask, super coffee is being touted as a new, healthy alternative to the traditional coffee we all know and love. It’s basically good old coffee with things added to make it ‘super’ – these can be anything from turmeric to chia seeds, (both of which have been topping trend radars thanks to their healthy benefits for a good few years now), or even saturated fats.

Yes, saturated fats – the bits on labels that we’ve learnt to avoid at all costs. But before you shudder with disgust, consider coconut oil, the ingredient that’s popping up in every imaginable shape and form on supermarket shelves – that’s very high in saturated fat too, but they’re good.

That’s because the fats in question are a fast-burning energy source that also have some antimicrobial activity, (which helps to clear your gut of bad bacteria). They have been shown to stabilize blood-sugar levels, suppress appetite, lower cholesterol, improve brain function and increase nutrient absorption.

A way to Make Coffee Healthier

Never thought of combining coffee and superfoods? Well now you have.

It will perhaps seem less of a strange concept when you consider that this is really just one step on from bulletproof coffee, another coffee super-trend that took our cups and saucers by storm last year. If you didn’t read our post on this, in short, bulletproof coffee replaces milk with butter and coconut oil, then blitzes the whole thing into a froth. This is reputed to suppress your hunger and make you energetic. So making coffee healthy has been on the trend radar for a while.

How to Make Super Coffee

So take one cup of coffee and add a trendy ingredient (within reason) and basically you’ve got a super coffee. Obviously the amounts added depend entirely on your taste buds and preferences. The people who market Super Coffee as a brand (with the catchy slogan ‘energy that inspires’) make theirs with organic Columbian coffee and lactose-free protein, but whether you choose to do this or not, and how you choose to combine coffee and superfoods, is entirely up to you. Healthy coffee here we come!

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