Winning Guest Loyalty with Coffee


The hospitality industry has been one of the biggest targets of increased customer expectations in recent years as social media and review sites give easy access to the 4 out of 5 adults in the UK with a smartphone. That equates to around 37 million potential reviewers in the UK alone. Any perceived under performance can quickly become open to public scrutiny and hoteliers and restauranteurs have had to be particularly creative to maintain a competitive edge.

In our experience, working with clients in the hospitality world for many years means that we have gained a good deal of knowledge in ensuring repeat custom and consistently good reviews.

Stay Abreast of Trends

The high street coffee stores have led the way in methods of connecting with their customers. Not only do they boast proudly of their green and sustainable projects, something on which millennials especially place great importance, they remain adaptive to changing public tastes. The rise in numbers of people converting to a vegan diet for example means that there is a demand for non-dairy additions such as soya milk that increases the range and possibility of coffee recipes. Catering for changing tastes and attitudes boosts appeal to potential customers whilst building positive emotional associations.

Serve Coffee Commensurate with Food Quality

Restaurants that do not complete a meal with quality coffee can undermine their otherwise excellent menu and court negative customer opinion, and even pubs have sought to capitalise on our love affair with freshly brewed coffee. Barista style ‘group’ coffee machines and bean to cup machines that provide freshly ground espresso based drinks are now a feature in many public bars as an additional refreshment to more traditional wine, beer and soft drinks. A good quality coffee complements food and leaves positive associations in the minds of diners at the end of a meal.

The End for Traditional Tea and Coffee Making Facilities?

In the hotel industry it is a given that, in the UK at least, tea & coffee making facilities will be provided in guest’s rooms and it is among the most commented subjects on review sites. Worrying then to consider that 75% of hotel guests are dissatisfied with refreshment provision and according to a survey  carried out by UCC, 30% said they would not return to an establishment where they were unhappy with the coffee. Whether an in-room option is viable or a more comprehensive café or restaurant is offered, is something that should be considered in order to optimise customer experience.

Coffee Aroma for Lasting Memories

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory and positive associations are created in the brain when we smell something we love. Retail outlets have long experimented with scents in stores to enhance customer mood and establish pleasant smells with their brand. The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing and what better way to initiate wonderful memories than the aroma of freshly ground coffee?

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